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    Read data from two different directories

    Vishnu Parihar
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      Hi Experts,


      I am working on one TPL and trying to read the data from two different path. Path is listed below:

              1. /discovery/data.rxt

              2. ./discovery/data.rxt

      To read the content of rxt file I write the TPL like:


      configuration ComplDiscCfg 1.1

          "Common Unix File Locations"

          common_path := ["discovery/data.rxt"];   //This is working fine

      end configuration;


      Now I got to know that data is also present in another directory also in some hosts, so Discovery need to data from that path also, path is mentioned below



      Could any one please assist how we can read the from ./discovery/data.rxt path also. How to merge this path in same TPL ?