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    Digital Workplace  requested for more info

    ilhan KURT
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      Hi all,


      Is it possbile to get extra information about requested for user on service request?

      Corparate ID,  Job title etc ..




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          Tamara Ehmoser


          The only option from my point of view: You need to add Questions and add an Action, which would then fill those Questions with data from CTM:People on opening the Service Request form.

          There is currently no way to display those Questions next to the Name/Mail/Phone Number, but you could show them below, together with your other questions.


          Regards, Tamara

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            Zach Stromsodt

            Hi ilhan,


            I would propose if you wanted to do some digging to start with the SRD:ServiceRequestDefinition_ShowHideOptions display-only form. This is where the workflow to trigger those values comes from so if you could replicate that and just swap out phone or something for the fields you want!


            I'd start there but out of the box it seems like you're not able to customize any of that.

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              Emmanuel Galia

              Hi ilhan KURT - just coming back from vacation so I think I have an analogy that might help explain Digital Workplace Advanced, especially Services managed by Digital Workplace Catalog - think of it as using hotels.com which is a 3rd party service that allows customers to book rooms. They only have limited information and not even the rewards stuff for the hotel we're staying (on that note, some hotels won't even accept/apply the rewards because we booked with a 3rd party).


              The only user information being passed from ITSM to DWP Catalog are: Full Name, Login name, and Email.

              Copying users from Remedy ITSM into BMC Digital Workplace Catalog - Documentation for BMC Digital Workplace Advanced 19.…


              So if you need to show any more customer-related information, anything that is readily accessible in ITSM, you'd have to do what Tamara Ehmoser suggested and have extra/read-only text fields that are auto-filled by an Action to display the customer information. One neat thing with imported SRM services and new DWP Catalog services, is that you have to "Change"/select the Requested For person BEFORE actually starting the questions. So the Action that fills in the customer information runs On-Load, and the submitter can't change the ReqFor person without re-starting/exiting the request and starting all over.


              Hope that helps!!

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                ilhan KURT

                That is what I want. Thank you