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    Control-M v9.0.19 slow

    Rajesh Raghavan
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      We recently upgraded our Control-M infrastructure from v9.0 to Control-M v9.0.19. Some of our OS jobs are running slow,I mean the OS jobs get completed soon within 2 minutes, however the response coming back to EM and reflecting the completed status in the client takes about 15 minutes. Has anybody experienced this issue in v9.0.19?



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          Jesse Richardson

          Successfully moved to Control-M so community product experts can help

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            Paul Robins

            If it takes 15 minutes for a job status to update, it would seem that the Control-M Agent is getting blocked sending updates back to the Control-M Server when the job is complete. The job is only updated when the Control-M/Server queries the Agent every 15 minutes.

            Check that your firewall is allowing comms from the Agents to Server on port 7005.

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              Rajesh Raghavan

              Thanks Paul. Here is the output snippet of ag_diag_comm:

              Server-to-Agent Port Number    : 7006

              Agent-to-Server Port Number    : 7005

              Server-Agent Protocol Version  : 12

              Server-Agent Comm. Protocol    : TCP

              Server-Agent Connection mode   : Transient

              Unix Ping to Server Platform   : Succeeded

              Agent Ping to Control-M/Server : Failed

              Agent processes status


              Agent Listener                 : Running as svc_inf+ (13195)

              Agent Tracker                  : Running as svc_inf+ (13248)

              Agent Tracker-Worker           : Running as svc_inf+ (2985)


              Warning!!! agent processes ownership doesn't match configuration value 'svc_infa'


              Two things stand out:


              < Agent Ping to Control-M/Server : Failed> - The agent is on AWS EC2 and all the outbound traffic is unrestricted. So I am not sure Agent ping is failing on port 7005.


              < Warning!!! agent processes ownership doesn't match configuration> - Not sure what this means.

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                Paul Robins

                The outbound traffic from the agent might be unrestricted, but the inbound traffic to your Control-M/Server may be restricted, especially if it's not in cloud with the agent.

                I don't think the process ownership is part of the issue but definitely something you might want to investigate.

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                  PIETER JURESSEN

                  Those 15 minutes is a timeout value for control-m agents. Verify if port 7006 is open from agent to server.

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                    Rajesh Raghavan

                    The issue is fixed. Root-cause was the agent on EC2 was unable to communicate on port 7005 for some reason even though there were no firewall restrictions for outbound requests from EC2. As soon as I changed the "Agent-to-Server" port to 7007, everything started working as expected.

                    Thank you so much Pieter and Paul for pointing out that the agent is timing out after 15 minutes. That was really a crucial piece of information to solve this problem.

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