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    How to get App Server Status Info?

    Michal Chmel
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      Hey guys,


      I am trying to pull AppServer info data using blcli.


      What I want is the same output I get using NameSpace: AppServerProfiler Command: getAppServerDetails. However this command only displays the details for the currently connected AppServer.


      I tried using Namespace: Profiler Command: getAppServerStatusInfo which needs appserverUID on input.


      This command returns com.bladelogic.om.infra.app.service.appserver.AppServerStatusInfo handle.


      Does anybody know which blcli can process this hnadle to return any readable info?





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          Davorin Stevanovic

          Hi Michal,


          To get this data I am using: Profiler getCompleteStatusReport


          also you could check how to get information with


          Support createAppServerSupportFile


          if that would suite you better.



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            Michal Chmel

            Hi Davorin,


            Thanks for the advice.


            Profiler getCompleteStatusReport is handy but it takes some time to process and even more time to parse the exact output i need since it gathers all the data for all app servers.


            However I was able to resolve this issue using Namespace: Profiler Command: getServiceStatusReport. Although there is a mistake in the blcli on input so I had to make my own blcli command to fix the issue.


            Using the below blcli it is possible to collect any granual info of any app server. Using Service name found in the Infrastructure Management with prefix "blalogic.service."


            So in case of getting AppServerService data just like in the initial blcli NameSpace: AppServerProfiler Command: getAppServerDetails, I use my custom blcli

            NameSpace: My Command: getAppServerServiceStatus serverID "bladelogic.service.AppServerService.


            Please note that the argument <argument desc="" name="appServerUID">int</argument> is modified from the original <argument desc="" name="appServerUID">java.lang.Object</argument> because ID is always retruned as int.


            <!-- Command getAppServerStatus start -->

                    <complex_command command_id="getAppServerServiceStatus-My1" published="yes" release="yes">



                            <author>Real Developer</author>





















                            <argument desc="" name="appServerUID">int</argument>

                            <argument desc="" name="serviceName">java.lang.String</argument>







                                <input>$appServerUID$ $serviceName$</input>





                    <!-- Command getAppServerStatus end -->

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              Bill Robinson

              what information are you trying to extract from the status report ?

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                Michal Chmel

                Well basically the same info you get from complete status report but on demand.
                We dont need the whole data package and we dont always have all servers active in production.

                So the thing was to get only the data we want at the moment.