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    Control-m workbench not starting up due to ports being blocked

    Ganesh Venkataramanan
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      ERROR message during boot up: Control-m workbench requires the following ports to work properly - 13075, 18080, 7005, 8642, 8443.


      I have workbench installed on my windows 10 machine using oracle virtual box. It was working fine. Then I had to restart my workbench. Suddenly it stopped working after that complaining above error message.


      Solutions tried:

      1. I tried rebooting my PC as I wasn't sure which was blocking the ports. No luck even after restarting.

      2. Downloaded tcp view utility for windows to look at the ports used. After I reboot windows, all the ports are not used by any other process.


      I am still not sure why this is causing a problem.


      Please help.