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    Default Workflow: Criteria needed?

    Vern Meyer
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      I'm running into in odd situation with workflows and I'd like to see if anyone else has run into this.


      We currently only have two workflows on a ticket type. The default workflow has no criteria, and the other has criteria of a specific field selection. We created this some time ago, and it's worked great ever since. This is currently working in our production environment which is 12.1.05.


      Now that I'm adding a third workflow, I'm not getting those expected results. I add a new workflow, add it's specific field selection as it's criteria, and it will not change the options of the status that the workflows are based on. It stays in default. The second workflow still works just fine, once it's criteria is selected, the status options change.


      I've only seen one change in testing between my test environment (12.1.05) vs my dev environment (12.19.01) . If I add the opposite criteria to the default workflow (Not equal vs equal), it will work in my dev environment (12.19.01), but not the earlier.


      Has anyone seen anything like this? Does this seem to be correct?


      I'm sure i'll need to contact support for an official answer, but I often get good feedback from the user community. 

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          Linda Kirkpatrick

          Vern, vern, vern.....yes, yes i've seen that happen.  It used to be that i had to add exclusion criteria to the default workflow (not equal to any of the other defining criteria).    Workflow in your version was a trainwreck though; its a shame you can't upgrade.  The newer version works like a charm and as expected.


          Now, as a workaround,  something i've also done to make the defining criteria a bit easier was to create a field called "WORKFLOW NAME" and set that with a business rule (either onscreen if you can get that to work in your version or after save) and use that as the single defining criteria for the workflow. 

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            Vern Meyer

            Thanks Linda! I'm always glad to hear I'm not doing something silly.


            Luckily we're prepping to update to the newest version, so this will just give me more ammo to push for the upgrade.