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    Control-M docker image

    Ganesh Venkataramanan
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      I am trying to create a control-m agent docker image via jenkins build. I followed the guide in BMC docs to create a docker image on my local machine. It works fine.


      Our jenkins environment is firewall protected and the docker slave node is in AWS. It is not allowed to connect to control-m server within our organization. Due to this situation, I am not able to build the docker image in our jenkins pipeline as the CTM CLI tries to connect to CONTROL-M server to download the agent libraries required. I am looking for an offline solution. Is there one? Please help.


      Instead of using "provision image" I expanded it to the actual JAVA command. Prior to this I downloaded all the Jar/XML/JSON files and uploaded to some other link which is accessible from jenkins.



      #RUN cd \   

      # && ctm provision image Agent.Linux



      # Install controlm agent

      RUN cd \

        && $JAVA_HOME/bin/java -jar /home/contained/.ctm/control-m.services.provision-9.18.2.jar -image "Agent.Linux" -server $ARTIFACTORY_URL -action image -environment $CTMENV -ctms "" -name "" -port "" -cert 0 -file ""


      $ARTIFACTORY_URL points to the static location where I have uploaded all the files instead of the control-m server.



      Even after running the modified command inside the docker image - it is trying to connect to control-m server which means there is no offline creation of docker image?


       [0m ---> dd6ddf9ec849
      Removing intermediate container 1eb72703fb2b
      Step 18/25 : RUN cd   && $JAVA_HOME/bin/java -jar /home/contained/.ctm/control-m.services.provision-9.18.2.jar -image "Agent.Linux" -server $ARTIFACTORY_URL -action image -environment $CTMENV -ctms "" -name "" -port "" -cert 0 -file ""
      ---> Running in 6abee362e6eb
      [91m [0m
      Making SSL trust all certificates and all hostnames
      is agent exist cli exception:{
        "errors": [
            "message": "connect ETIMEDOUT"