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    AAPI Deploy Descriptor regex to update MonthDays property

    Paul Robins
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      Hi all,

      I've got an issue where my Folder is exported with a job property of MonthDays = L01, however this is not valid syntax for the deploy\build service, it needs to be L1 (case logged with support).

      I'm trying to use a deploy descriptor to update the MonthDays field to L1 which is accepted by the deploy\build services.

      I've tried various combinations in the deploy descriptor file but I can't get the MonthDays property to update at all, even using a simple "Assign" statement.

      Does anyone have any ideas?


      None of the following  have worked for me:


            "Property" : "MonthDays",

            "Assign"   : "L1"



            "ApplyOn" : {"Type":"Job:Script"},

            "Property" : "$.When.MonthDays",

            "Assign"   : "L1"



      Ideally I'd like to use a Replace command with regular expression to remove the middle zero from any x0n value in MonthDays.