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    OSD and Transfer Windows

    Steve Gibbs
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      I will be working with a large bank soon that wants to use their site relays as both an image repository and boot listener.  Here is the issue, Bandwidth is limited to a single T1 at each of their 225+ branch locations.  I cannot FLOOD their pipe with 15+GBs of data for the WIM file plus the 10+ various model drivers.  They currently have Transfer Windows in place and want to be certain that the synchronization on the files from the OSD manager and the Relays (image repository and boot listener) will be subject to the transfer windows they have in place. Current configuration is throttled during day and at 8 PM opened all the way up until 6 AM.


      Serena Lambiase and Julien Devienne, Do either of you know for sure the answer to the question above? If not, could you please confirm?


      Thanks in advance,