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    Control-M 9.0.19 API failed with error: "Message" : "com.bmc.ctmem.thrift.FAILURE"

    Keyur Patel
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      When I try to deploy Control-M schedule with Control-M API CLI (, CLI give an error "Message" : "com.bmc.ctmem.thrift.FAILURE", do you know what is the cause of this error and how to fix this ?


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          Joe Goldberg

          Hi Keyur,


          If you haven't opened a case on this, you should. If you still want to discuss it, you can drop me a direct note at joe_goldberg@bmccom. It would be useful to know more info like:

          • What is the level of the rest of your environment?
          • Have you been using Automation API successfully before and this error appeared only with version
          • Can you provide the JSON you are trying to deploy.
          • Do you have any site standards?
          • Are you using deploy descriptors?


          That's enough to start but there are also questions related to authorizations and your nvironment definitions and whether you are using the ctm cli or some other way to submit the requests.