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    Freehand SQL - Smart Reporting 9.1

    Christopher Janovich
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      I have an Oracle Procedure that generates a large report into a custom txt file and then emails that file. I want to call this procedure from within Smart Reporting. I know that I can do this in ITSM. From an organizational standpoint, I would prefer to keep it in Smart Reporting as it is not considered a customization. Can I run an Oracle anonymous block from Smart Reporting?

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          Abhijeet Teli

          Hi Chris,

          Smart Reporting do not connect directly to underlying Database, It connects to AR Platform using AR JDBC driver and talk through database via API layer so we don't really direct access to the database.

          So answer to your question is NO, you cannot execute PLSQL block from Smart Reporting. IMO better place put this is in ITSM.


          Let us know for further details.




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