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    Non-owner viewing of tickets

    Beth Abercrombie
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      Good afternoon folks.  I have been asked by management if Track IT 2019 has the ability to allow managers that are defined as managers of certain employees via Active Directory, to search on or create a report that show what tickets their employees have open at the time of the query?  They are requesting more information about what tickets or needs their employees have open but I would not want them to see open tickets that have nothing to do with their group of employees that they manage.

      Any tips, experience or funny jokes would be appreciated.

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          Cris Coffey

          A Track-It! Administrator, Track-It! Technician and an end-user walk into a bar...


          Seriously though, there are a couple different options here I think.


          1. You could grant the managers self service access and give them visibility of "View everything in my Department". Then make them part of the same department that they manage and they will see all tickets their group has entered in real time.
          2. Second thing would be to find a report in the system or generate a custom report that shows what they need and schedule that report to be sent to them automatically. 


          Giving them Technician login access may be like having them drink from a fire-hose and will give them access to lots of things they likely don't need and also take up a Technician license.

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