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    Error when trying to add a contact to email

    Ben Hillsley
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      HI all,


      We have recently updated to 20.19.02 (from the 20.18.02 version) and are now experiencing an issue with adding contacts to new emails in the HelpDesk module. If we start a new email attached to a ticket, or reply to an existing email and attempt to use the address book to look up an email to add to either the TO field, the CC field, or the BCC field, we are not able to exit the address book interface by using the OK button.


      The Chrome dev tools report the following error:


      1825780498.min.js:11 Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'OK' of null

          at F.handler (1825780498.min.js:11)

          at Object.callback (2136508218.min.js:1)

          at F.fireHandler (2136508218.min.js:1)

          at F.onClick (2136508218.min.js:1)

          at F.fire (2136508218.min.js:1)

          at F.fire (2136508218.min.js:1)

          at F.publish (2136508218.min.js:1)

          at F.publishDelegatedDomEvent (2136508218.min.js:1)

          at F.doDelegatedEvent (2136508218.min.js:1)

          at F.onDelegatedEvent (2136508218.min.js:1)


      We can still press the Cancel button (which obviously does not add the new contacts to the email, but the OK button will not work. I have tested on three different machines and all have the same experience. Is this a known issue?