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    Import Tags requires Administrator access

    Daniel Goetzman
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      When attempting to import tag data in TSVM using API, we encounter the error;


      Failed to import records from <xyz>.csv file - Logged in user does not have admin privileges


      That seems correct, but I am not sure how to add TSVM admin privilege to the TSVM user we are using to access API?

      We are using the TSSA connector, so I assume the user must be a member of a security group mapped to a role in TSVM that currently has Administrator rights in TSVM?

      Like the BLAdmins Security Group/Role?


      How do we add a TSVM security group to a TSVM user?


      I assumed by adding the same user in TSSA to the BLAdmins Role in TSSA?

      But nothing has changed in TSVM?


      How it the Role membership updated in TSVM?

      I assume Data Refresh would pick up any changes and update TSVM?


      We are using TSVM 3.1 and TSSA 8.9 SP4

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          Daniel Goetzman

          UPDATE: The Security Group never updated automatically, however when we logged into TSVM using the user we defined to access the API with, then the Security Role membership was updated! Apparently updated on login?


          Not sure if the same update would happen if we only attempted access via the API? Or if using the API account to login to TSVM is actually required one time to pick up the changes to the assigned TSSA roles?