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    Restrict Users from Accessing Digital Workplace - How is Active User Report determined?

    Emmanuel Galia
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      HI all - is there a way to restrict users from accessing Digital Workplace? Or is there a way to implement licensing? How is the Active User Report determined? We're using version 18.02.


      With Smart IT, there are a set of permissions required for Support Users to access Smart IT (https://<dwp-smartit-server>/ux/smart-it/) which works great. However, it's not so with regular users and Digital Workplace.


      Licensing is a bit confusing since it's not really explained here (License entitlements - Documentation for BMC Digital Workplace Advanced 18.02 - BMC Documentation ). The installation step in BMC Digital Workplace Catalog to allocate user licenses (Installing the product license key and allocating user licenses - Documentation for BMC Digital Workplace Advanced 18.02… ) seems to pertain to users that need to access the BMC Digital Workplace Catalog application as administrators, not regular users.


      We've tested it and it seems like the only things a user needs to access DWP are:

      1. The URL/link to DWP, e.g. "https://<dwp-smartit-server>/ux/myitapp/"
      2. An ITSM account - which is sync'ed with DWP Catalog
      3. A "Read" license - also sync'ed with DWP Catalog


      We've tried removing the user from the "sbe-myit-users" group on the DWP Catalog server. But because we have a mix of "SRM as-is" and "DWC imported" services available, it only removes their access to the DWP Catalog services.


      Are we doing this right? Is there another/better way to do this? We're trying to make sure we don't go over our license quota.


      Thanks in advance for any help regarding this!!


      Be safe,