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    User is currently connected from another machine or incompatible session

    Dwina Andilla
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      Hi, we using BMC Remedy 9.1.04 version. We have this error while the user still on work on Mozilla's normal window, with 1 tab stand by, and other 5 tabs still on work. He's leave to drink in 5 minutes, and when get back to his desk he get this error. Is there any rule in Remedy to not leave of your work even a moment? Or is there any other condition? Please help and advice.


      NB: We using 16GB RAM. The 'Used' is 11GB, the 'Free' is about 300MB, the 'Buff/Cache' is 3GB, and the 'Available' is 3GB. Are we have to consider this also?


      Thank you,


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