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    Disable Pop-up for prohibited application

    Christopher Luce
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      We are troubleshooting a piece of software that's causing a lot of headaches for our campus currently.  This software is agent based and is causing multiple pop-ups as it continuously attempts to run.  I can access the application monitoring module parameters to disable the pop-up via the check mark box, but I can only do that on each system individually by drilling down into the agent configuration.  Can I do a mass modification at a higher level via application monitoring or device groups?

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          Steve Gibbs

          Sure you can do a global change to any device or device group to change the values. Just create an Op Rule and set the parameters as you choose.  As always, test on a couple of devices before assigning to an entire group.



          Just so I understand your issue...  You are trying to stop ANOTHER piece of software from displaying pop-ups and you wish to block/stop that from happening by using BCM?  Did you wish to disable the offending software's Service from starting to solve the problem or is just blocking good enough...  Remember, we only block or kill the process AFTER it has started and can be running for up to 9.999 seconds.

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            Christopher Luce

            You know Steve...I've worked with this application for what, 1 and a half years now?  Still being humbled with these "oh duh, that's easy enough"...thank you again for that haha.


            Specifically "ProgramA" is a prohibited App in BCM, so by default CM throws up a pop-up on systems if a user attempts to run "ProgramA".  Problem is this program is agent based so each time it communicates or attempts to communicate with the hub it tosses up that pop-up.  Users were seeing the message about 20x a day. 

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              Steve Gibbs



              Based on your last reply I am going to assume that this app you "Kill" using the Application Management Module could be approached another way that would be less intensive and reduce the amount of traffic over the network letting admins know via "Alerts" that you have stopped the rough application.  Here are two possible methods.  First, I think there is a service that uses an "updater" type app that goes to an internet site that is currently being blocked by your proxy server. So, here is an approach I would take...


              1. If there is a service that runs in the background and you do not wish to uninstall the app then you could run an Op Rule step that simply sets the service to manual.
              2. If there is no underlying service to set to manual, why not rename the executable that we are "killing" so whatever is calling it will no longer work.  Once you want it to run again, just rename it back again...  Easy...

              Just presenting you with options my friend...  Options are always a good thing to have!