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    Mainview for Db2; Setting up Monitors

    Tom Glaser
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      I’d like to get your thoughts on an issue I have.  Below is a screen print showing one member of a data sharing group. Notice the Active Monitor screen?  Notice all the red?  I’d like to get this configured so that when we do see red, we know there’s an actual problem.  I’m not sure of the best way to go about this.  On Db2 DBP6, I see LOG WRITE FOREC at a value of 258.  I look at the other member and it shows 1600.  What is a good value?  This is what I’m struggling with. Do I set the warning value on both ssids to 1600 and the red will disappear?   Do I set one ssid to 1600 and other to 258; and use this as a starting point?  But, if anything over 1 is bad, then maybe 1 should be set for the warning value.  I could take every parm and set it to the current value….as a starting point, and tweak from there?  It would be interesting to see what other companies have their warning values set to.  Is there any guideline as to what these values
      should be?  And I get it that every ssid will be different.  I’m just looking for a starting point.


      Another example...if I look at the first field, P/F QUARTERED.  Is a value of 38,000 per 1 minute interval really bad?  Is there anyone who can share how they set up their monitors and/or are willing to share their values?   Thanks, Tom

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          Vishnu Nair

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            Tom Glaser

            From a previous question:


            Hi Tom


            You are correct the default settings are very generic. What we recommend is that after these monitors have been activated and have collected sufficient history, the warning thresholds should be reviewed and adjusted for each DB2 target.  To ensure your exceptions will be triggered accurately, review the following steps:


            A. Select the plot of recent history for each active monitor from the Start monitors (SM) view.


            B. Compare the threshold (shown with a vertical line of Ws if defined) to the average values measured (top three lines of the graph), and also to the  maximum value measured (shown at the bottom of the graph, either alone or as the highest value in the range distribution).


            C. Adjust the threshold so that a warning is triggered only when the condition is serious enough to warrant attention.


            Several years ago, we did publish a MainView Best Practices - Event Management guide, which has a section relating to the DB2 Monitors, if you would like a copy drop me an email - sichang@bmc.com