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    Error occurred creating InstallationPanelDelegate

    Edison Pioneer
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      Hi folks,


      I am reinstalling ARS on my system. It shows me the below error. I have copy-pasted the log snippet which I think is relevant below. Also, I am attaching the entire logs as an attachment.


      Took help of Google a bit and came across these 2 links -


      java.lang.numberformatexception for input string null - Cause and Solution




      They talk something about a non-numeric to integer conversion, at which point I am at my wits end.


      Again, I went through these BMC Communities thread -


      ARServer install Failed  (No help)


      AI Server 9.1 installation got stuck.  (Fixing the Java version helped the OP here)


      While running AR Server 9.1 installer receiving "Error occurred creating InstallationPanelDelegate"  (This talk about doing some changed at the DB level. I can do it, since this is a standalone test server I am working on)


      BMC ARS 9.1.04 Installer Issue - InstallationPanelDelegate error  (No help)


      Would anyone please be kind enough to guide me here?


      Shall remain much obliged.


      Thanks. Regards.




      (Jul 31 2019 06:40:42.876 PM +0530),SEVERE,com.bmc.install.product.base.project.runner.ProjectRunner,

        THROWABLE EVENT {Description=[

      Error occurred while creating InstallationPanel: com.bmc.install.product.arsuitekit.platforms.arsystemservers.arserver.ui.ARServerDatabaseUpgradeConfirmationPanelDelegate: For input string: ""]},

        Throwable=[java.lang.NumberFormatException: For input string: ""