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    Error occurred creating InstallationPanelDelegate

    Edison Pioneer
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      Hi folks,


      I am reinstalling ARS on my system. It shows me the below error. I have copy-pasted the log snippet which I think is relevant below. Also, I am attaching the entire logs as an attachment.


      Took help of Google a bit and came across these 2 links -


      java.lang.numberformatexception for input string null - Cause and Solution




      They talk something about a non-numeric to integer conversion, at which point I am at my wits end.


      Again, I went through these BMC Communities thread -


      ARServer install Failed  (No help)


      AI Server 9.1 installation got stuck.  (Fixing the Java version helped the OP here)


      Remedy - Server - ARS v.9.1.x Installation Error: "Error occurred creating InstallationPanelDelegate"  (This talk about doing some changed at the DB level. I can do it, since this is a standalone test server I am working on)


      BMC ARS 9.1.04 Installer Issue - InstallationPanelDelegate error  (No help)


      Would anyone please be kind enough to guide me here?


      Shall remain much obliged.


      Thanks. Regards.




      (Jul 31 2019 06:40:42.876 PM +0530),SEVERE,com.bmc.install.product.base.project.runner.ProjectRunner,

        THROWABLE EVENT {Description=[

      Error occurred while creating InstallationPanel: com.bmc.install.product.arsuitekit.platforms.arsystemservers.arserver.ui.ARServerDatabaseUpgradeConfirmationPanelDelegate: For input string: ""]},

        Throwable=[java.lang.NumberFormatException: For input string: ""