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    Best practice for multiple emails

    Jared Niedzwiadek
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      In Track-It 11.4 we used to have 3 email addresses in which we could have users send emails to, this would help facilitate emails to the correct region for Helpdesk requests.  We have US, Asia, and Europe. The users could email for example Europe@email.com to automatically generate a ticket that would be assigned to European Helpdesk as a technician, in Track-It 2019 we would like to do the same thing so if a user emails Europe@email.com US@email.com or Asia@email.com the ticket will be assigned to the respective groups so the technicians can see the tickets for their region.  Currently we have all users emailing into one email address and it gets assigned to a "Default" group which everyone can see and pull tickets as required.  I looked into using a business rule for this but I was wondering if there was an easier way to accomplish this.