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    Logs for consolidation and CMDB sync for Clustered Appliances

    Jon Trotter
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      When working with a cluster, does the coordinator manage the CMDB sync, consolidation (when configured) and other log files for activities or does it depend on which node can do the work? The question centers around where to look for errors or issues that could arise if you wanted to monitor the log files. Curious as to whether it could be any node in the cluster or if all the work goes through the coordinator.


      An example would be 3 nodes in a cluster for scanning, 3 nodes in a cluster for consolidation and a CMDB. The scanner cluster consolidates to the consolidation cluster and then the consolidation cluster syncs to the CMDB. There are log files on every node, but is there a primary node that manages these activities? Or is it managed by one node and then replicated to the other nodes?