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    only! Patch manager doesn't update PatchKB

    Philipp Ernicke
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      I have the problem with a customer that the PatchManager no longer updates the PatchKB (currently build 8051). Pressing on "update" the manager works briefly and then remains in the status "published". The strange thing is that all devices have the latest PatchKB on it and even the "last update" (patch manager \ configuration)  is the date of today. Only on the patch manager itself, the PatchKB does not change.
      I've tried updating the PatchKB manually, it's also being processed when the master restarts, but the manager stays at build 8051 instead of 8130. I also deleted the contents of the 'Workspace' folder and the patchxxxx.sqlite. Now the Patch manager has build on it, but still does not update the PatchKB.

      Master is Linux, Patch manager is Windows Server.
      BCM 12.8 H2.

      I'm a little bit over the top.


      The problem with this is that the customer has not been running a single patch for weeks. All the devices that I have controlled have stopped patching at the end of June, allegedly due to missing reboots, but all devices have been rebooted daily. BCM also shows today's date in the hardware inventory as the last start date, thus contradicting itself.


      I will update to 12.8 H3 tomorrow and hope the best :-D


      Any other ideas?



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          Steve Gibbs

          Like ALL troubleshooting documents have stated, review the log file of the patch manager and filter the results on the module "PatchManagementPremium" Filter. For an issue like this, support will ask for this file as a matter of routine anyway.  You should open a ticket so you can figure out what is the root cause but the logs are the best way to figure it out. If there are any issues, this is where you will find them. My entries were empty so I did a check for updates from the configuration page of the Patch Manager:


          After I did the update, my results:

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            Philipp Ernicke

            Hi Steve,


            I forgot to write that there is no message in the log about the patchKB update.


            Strictly speaking, there are almost no messages about the patch module in the entire log, including the archived ones.
            Except e.g. "2019/07/30 12:00:00 PatchManagementPremium I [4488] Scanning using software update ''".

            At this time and even until I deleted the sqlite, version 8051 was still displayed.
            I'll wait for the patch before I write a ticket.
            I thought that someone besides me may have had the same problem in the last few days.

            There was a buggy PatchKB in the last days.

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              Philipp Ernicke

              The problem no longer exists.

              After the PatchKB could not be updated and I deleted the sqlite file, the patch manager pulled the current version the same night. The PJs didn't start, but after I had provided the non-downloadable patches by hand (e.g. Java), it suddenly started and now everything is up and running again. Alone since yesterday 400 patches less in the queue.
              Whether it was due to a single action or the combination, I can not say. In any case, BCM does not seem to please when patches can not be downloaded over a longer period. It seems like that would have stalled all patch jobs.



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                Steve Gibbs

                Good catch...  In my observation I think it is Java...  Since the licensing change, BCM can longer fetch patches and downloads gets "hung".  I hide the Java Patch and then the downloads finished and things began flowing.  This may need to be addressed by R&D.

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