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    Windows command in Local configuration object

    Avi G
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      I'm on I've a Local Configuration object created for windows inside a component template. Its a simple windows command to check the license status <<cmd /c "cscript.exe /Nologo C:\\Windows\\system32\\slmgr.vbs /dli | findstr "License"">>. Have used default values for grammar and encoding ..etc.


      When I try to check for the Licensed value in compliance rule as below, it returns non-compliant but whereas the output has the string I search for.



      I created the extended object and below is the output we see.


      If command is run manually against the server I see below output.


      C:\Users\XYZ>cmd /c "cscript.exe /Nologo C:\\Windows\\system32\\slmgr.vbs /dli | findstr "License""

      License Status: Licensed



      Any clue where I might be wrong with compliance rules?