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    TSPS 11.3.02 and mc_euid that contains "/"

    Baron Guillaume
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      I'm evaluating 11.3.02 of TSPS and encountered a problem.

      For some events, I can not get "event details" that shows Summary/internals/object/source etc.

      To show event details, TSPS issue an API: GET /tsws/10.0/api/event/mc_ueid/details


      When mc_ueid contains a "/" such as "BII4Patrol/hostname/port/timestamp", the mc_ueid is "url_ified", replacing "/" with "%2F".

      The API returns "400 Bad Request".

      If the mc_ueid is of form "mc.cell_name.1d3f05e5.0" then the mc_ueid is not "url_ified" and the API is OK and I have the details.


      When I do the same test with TSPS 11.0.00 I don't have the problem and I can see event details for all Events.

      I have tested the API with Postman against 11.3.02 and had the same results as TSPS: 400 bad request when mc_ueid is transformed



      Do you have the same results ?


      Regards, Guillaume