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    CONTROL-O V9 Global Pool vs IOAVAR

    Dwayne Hendrickson
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      I have been trying to locate good information discussing the difference between the Control-O Global Auto-Edit Variables (accessed via the Automation Opts (OA) screen) and the IOA Variable Database (IV). When I access the Variable Database, the Global Pools in OA are visible in IV but are not readable.     +


      What are the differences and similarities in the two different types of variables? When is one a better use than the other? I'm really looking for good documentation on the use and implementation of the Variable Database since I have a good handle on the Auto-Edit Variables.

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          Paul Robins

          Hi Dwayne,
          Not sure if you made any progress on this outside of communities.

          I don't know a lot about these things, someone else set it up at our site, but I do know that you can have different types of variable tables and variable databases.
          For example the general $GLOBAL variable pool is a type INOUT, which means it's read\write.
          We have some variable tables which are type INPUT, read only.
          We also have COSMOS at our site, which uses table types of DBINPUT and DBTEMP. With DB type tables you can have multiple fields per record instead of just a name\value pair like with autoedits. A DBTEMP table is loaded to memory when Control-O is started and is reloaded after an IPL from a paired DBINPUT type table.



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