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    Finding parameters for getLogItemsByDevice

    Steve Abercrombie
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      I'm wanting to use the getLogItemsByDevice under the JobRun namespace.  I have figured out how to get the jobRunId and deviceId but I'm not sure where to either pull the other values from or what my options are to plug in for the rest of the parameters.  Here's the command:


      blcli_execute JobRun getLogItemsByDevice $jobRunId $deviceId sortParameter? sortOrder? startIndex? endIndex?


      What are the last four parameters looking for in this command and where can I find documentation that may help if I run into other parameters that don't have an explanation?  I want to be able to pull the log from the specific server that a job inside of TrueSight Server Automation is run on.  The regular getLogItems doesn't pull the specific Server log.