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    Multiple Workflows

    Luther Younts
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      Ok... Workflow's for dummies...

      I wish the were a book.

      I currently have a user management workflow (new hire and terminations)

      It is a simple

      Open -->In Progress -->  Closed

      This is for 'regular' hires/terms.

      We also have a sales team that has an entirely different process.

      The question:

      Would multiple workflow's make sense In this situation? Or a whole new container?


      If it the multiple workflow's can you put me in the direction of more documentation? I am reading the online documentation from BMC already.

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          Matt O'Donnell

          Hi Luther,


          You may not get too far with the online documentation. In my experience, while it explains the configuration capabilities, it would be great to have some examples of how you might utilise the configuration functionality.


          The simple answer to your question is that the tool will allow you to define multiple workflows in the same ticket (workspace) item, which can be enabled by a field value (E.G. a single select field called Type with selections Regular or Sales). You use this field value in the 'Defining Criteria' configuration of each workflow. When a workspace item is created, selecting the field value enables the workflow.


          Is this a better solution than a seperate workspace container or a seperate item in the same workspace? That depends on a few things...

          How do your requests get created/submitted? Remember the workflow option is enabled by setting a field value, so how and when is that value set? Ideally, you would be looking for characteristics which could be used in a business rule to set the selection for the Type field on create.

          How to maintain the configuration? If multiple workflows are implemented in a workspace item, implementing changes or updates in one process will affect the ticketing for both processes, because the container publish affects the entire workspace. Is this a concern for you?

          How significant are the disparities between the Regular and Sales processes? Would these make configuration difficult to manage in a single workspace container item?


          A second workspace container introduces some additional overheads in terms of maintenance & support of the Footprints configuration, however can provide a more flexible solution if there is significant disparity between the processes they are supporting. If these aren't an issue for you, then the multiple workflows in a single workspace container item is probably a better option.


          Hope this helps.




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            Luther Younts

            Good advice. I believe I will attempt to add an additional workflow. I am the only admin with no back up or anyone here to bounce ideas off of.

            Thanks for you help!

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              Vern Meyer

              To expand on what Matt said, there's one more option. Simply use different business rules and criteria for each scenario. I currently handle over 18 account types with a single workflow with this method. Our next account type will likely need a new workflow for it because it has a drastically different approval path.


              Though, this was due to some defects/lack of functionality in workflows in our version of footprints (12.1.05). Once we're up to date, I may test workflows again.

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                Luther Younts

                Not sure how to ask this..

                Do you base the criteria on a field with several choices? Or...


                I understand the idea and concept. It seems the criteria may be difficult to decipher.

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                  Vern Meyer

                  We use several different fields that have several choices. We built it out very slowly, so the criteria was easy to identify and add as we went.


                  Every one of our rules has at least 2 criteria, account type and account action. A few of our "account types" have more dependent options that we use for higher level accounts, those will use a minimum of 3 criteria.


                  What you want to do depends on how you're handling these tickets. Is this a single ticket that's going to each team when they have an action? Or is this a master ticket that creates other tasking tickets for teams to work?