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    ICMP not responding

    Ali Khoshkar
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      Hello Everyone,


      I've begun adding in all our network devices into ENA, and I noticed some of my devices have a strange issue.


      The device itself shows a green checkmark beside it:

      However when you click into the actual device and go to ports, it shows a yellow exclamation mark beside certain ports:

      Mousing over the exclamation mark shows "ICMP not responding".


      Clicking into the port itself takes you to the port summary page. Here it shows that the port is receiving and sending traffic fine...


      At first I assumed it was because the entuity server could not ping the port (which I tested and got a "Request timed out"). However I tried another port [0/1/6] that has a green checkmark, and I also cannot ping it (albeit I get a different error message; "TTL expired in transit")


      Can anyone explain what does the yellow indicator and the "ICMP not responding" message indicate? If its not the source port, is it the destination? If so, how is it verifying the destination?

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          Laurence Balon



          The yellow icon indicates that the object is not responding to ICMP echo requests from the Entuity server. Entuity pings the IP address associated with the port (the source port). While the application availability monitor may also pings the IP address of the device attached to the port, the yellow icon does not reflect the that status.


          In regard to your other question, the port should display green if it is responding to both ICMP and SNMP requests from the Entuity server. When you tested ICMP to the port that is displayed green, was the ping done from the Entuity server? If it was and the ping returned TTL expired in transit, the port should not display green.



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            Ali Khoshkar

            Hello Laurence,


            Thanks for your reply! Yes the ping was done from the Entuity server, I retested to double check but it seems even though the ICMP response is "Time to live exceeded" the port is still showing a green checkmark on the port. Is this a bug then?

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              Laurence Balon

              I would definitely open a ticket and report this as it should only be green if ICMP and SNMP responses are being received.



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                Ali Khoshkar

                Cool appreciate the clarification Laurence!


                Enjoy the rest of your day