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    Ability to change master field set labels in Remedyforce 2019.01.140.114?

    Darius Tanpoco
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      I am trying to modify the label of a field set in  Remedyforce 2019.01.140.114, but my change is being ignored.


      I enteried an "Override" label for the "Console - Status and Priority" field set from within the translation workbench and clicked "Save".  I then performed a full refresh and open an incident record, but my change had been ignored.


      I noticed that one of the columns of the "override" translation table shows an error message:  "MISSING LABEL PropertyFile -val overrrideFldFieldSet not found in section LabelWorkbench"

      Does this indicate that these labels are hard-coded, i.e., can not be overriden?  Has any one successfully changed a master field set label in Remedyforce 2019.01.140.114, and if so, what steps did they take?