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    The difference in permissions between membership to the system group vs. admin group

    Damien Erwin
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      I'm trying to understand what the difference are between the permissions between membership to the "admin" group vs. the "system" group in BMC Discovery. I've read the below doc, but can't really tell from a user perspective what these define in regards to things the users can and cannot do.


      It says "admin—These users have the highest level of customer access to the system."


      What is "highest level of customer access"?


      I've created two test accounts one as a member of each group and I'm not finding anything that membership to the admin group restricts. I also see membership to the admin group allows the rights to create a new account with system group rights. Just trying to understand what I'm seeing as management/security team has questions.


      Managing groups - Documentation for BMC Discovery 11.3 - BMC Documentation