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    You have no access permission to the form AST:ComputerSystem

    Raul Sanchez Villena
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      I have this problem can you help me?

      when I try to enter to Asset in ComputerSystem send me this error:

      And the mid tier send this message


      <MTIER><TID: 0000000078> <CATEGORY:com.remedy.log > /* Fri Jul 19 2019 13:19:58.133 */ <LEVEL: SEVERE > <TENANT: null > <USER: appadmin > ARERR [9264] You have no access permission to the form AST:ComputerSystem.
      at com.remedy.arsys.goat.Form.checkAccess(Form.java:1203)
      at com.remedy.arsys.goat.aspects.IFormServiceCacheAspect.ajc$around$com_remedy_arsys_goat_aspects_IFormServiceCacheAspect$1$1c93230b(IFormServiceCacheAspect.aj:56)
      at com.remedy.arsys.goat.Form.get(Form.java:1269)
      at com.remedy.arsys.goat.Form.get(Form.java:1275)
      at com.remedy.arsys.goat.ActiveLinkCollector.populateEventCollections(ActiveLinkCollector.java:289)
      at com.remedy.arsys.goat.ActiveLinkCollector.<init>(ActiveLinkCollector.java:103)
      at com.remedy.arsys.goat.field.ActiveLinkCollectorThread.run(ActiveLinkCollectorThread.java:78)


      I have all the permitions to asset, for asset of monitor, ups equipmet I can enter only computerSystem have this problem



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          Ankit Tiwari

          This seems to be midtier cache issue. Try hard cache flush on your midtier server. Follow below steps for hard cache flush:


          1> Steps to clear the previous cache and temporary files for both 

          1> Mid-Tier & Tomcat - 

          a) Stop Tomcat (Jsp Engine) Service. 

          b) Clear out the contents of the 'work', 'temp' & 'logs' folders inside "....\...\Apache Software Foundation\Tomcat X.X\" 

          c) Clear out the contents of the 'cache', 'cachetemp', 'attstore' and 'logs' folders present inside the Mid-Tier folder. 

          d) Delete 'viewStats.dat' and 'viewStats.dat.bak' from <Mid-Tier folder>\WEB-INF\Classes. (* If only Present, else ignore this step). 

          e) << Delet plugin server cache: The directory on my VM is: C:\Program Files\BMC Software\ARSystem\midtier\PluginsCache. Everything can be deleted, including sub folders>> 

          f) Delete midtier server %TEMP% folder file.

          g) Start Tomcat (Jsp Engine) Service.




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            Ganesh Gore

            looks like permission issue. Can you access BMC Core forms in midtier? e.g BMC.CORE:BMC_ComputerSystem .

            You can try to create new record in this form and check if you can create new record.  Do you have Asset Admin permissions as well ? Can you try with Asset Admin user?

            May be new attribute has been added to Computer system class or in AST: Attribute form without having appropriate field permissions. You can check with your Remedy Administrator and confirm this.

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