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    Migrating Data to new Oracle Database

    Daniel Grant
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      We are trying to migrate data from one Oracle database to another, and am hoping someone can provide me with a solution that can work.


      So far we've tried the following:

      1. Copy the entire Remedy schema to the new Oracle database, then run the installer on it. 

      This solution gives us corrupted installs, so it isn't viable.


      2. Use the Delta Data Migrator tool. 

      This solution has worked the best, but it eventually fails with forms that have a large quantity of data, so we have to break them up over multiple runs.  We've also determined that our production environment data will take upwards of 80 hours for one of the forms (and 20+ hours for some others), so this solution is also not very viable.


      3. Export the data using the command line, then move the data to the new environment's server and import the data using the command line.

      This solution was much faster than the Delta Data Migrator, but transferring the data to the other environment's server would pose an issue with large quantities, and records with attachments were failing.


      4. Use just the Migrator tool.

      This appeared to be faster than the Delta Data Migrator, but it doesn't support transferring Audit tables so it's not viable.


      5. Migrating just the tables using export and import SQL commands: Migrating data from backend and custom forms - Documentation for Remedy Deployment 9.1 - BMC Documentation

      This has some promise, but the table names (i.e. TXXX) don't match between environments, so we aren't sure how we would get the data imported properly.



      Is there a solution someone else has had success with that hasn't been listed?  Can one of the above solutions be modified to make work?



      Thank you,