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    Attention: BMC Communities Moderator

    T. D.
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      Good morning.


      I signed into BMC Communities this morning and found quite a few of my posts approved by the moderator and some rejected.


      It is odd because these are old posts. Why would posts need to be approved or rejected?


      My posts are always polite and courteous. I interact and respond to others as well.


      If you are going to reject my posts then at least email me as to WHY you are rejecting them. I see absolutely no reason why any of my posts should be rejected.

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          LJ LongWing


          I can't speak regarding specific reasons for any specific rejection, but I can speak to a few reasons why something sometimes shows up in the moderator queue.


          1 - You are a 'newbie' and you don't have a bunch of street cred, and you start posting pictures or links....this is quite often the sign of a spammer, so the system automatically throws that stuff into moderation to have a human look into if it's spam or not

          2 - Someone took offence in some way to something that you said in your post....again, this goes to a human to determine if what was said was offensive or not (and I don't mean obscene...maybe just something that's not appropriate for the community)...

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            Vishnu Nair

            Hello T. D.,


            My apologies for the issue you faced here. You are certainly a valued member (veteran too!) of BMC Communities; and we never would want you to have a bad experience here. By any chance these items that triggered notification were discussions related to smart reporting?


            Last week, we did a merge of 'Get started with smart reporting' group with our Remedy ITSM community; and all the content were moved using an automation. This movement also involved some moderation approvals which was handled in the back end. However, it triggered the moderation rejection, and then approval notifications to some authors of the moved discussions. It was a technical glitch on our side, and we're extremely sorry about these misfired notifications.


            Initial notification for the migration can be found here: Migrating Smart Reporting Group to Remedy ITSM Community


            .. and thank you LJ for explaining the general guidelines.

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              T. D.

              Thanks for the clarification Vishnu.


              Yes, I had some posts and some replies to users in Get started with Smart Reporting.