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    how to run wmic command in a compliance rule

    Craig Dallow
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      as a pre-req i need to check for specific installed hotfixes on windows 2003 servers

      as we are running TSSA 8.9.04 app servers we cannot interrogate hotfixes anymore as these servers all have unsupported agents

      i have created a compliance template to check for other pre-reqs and wanted to use the output of a command to get the info i need

      i tried the rule

      "Command:wmic qfe list".Out_Put contains "KB2868626"

      but it seems to hang and i finally get a popup message (on my desktop) after 15 minutes or so

      I can manually run the bat file that gets copied to the target server without any issues


      I have also tried to use the command "Command:systeminfo".Out_Put contains "KB2868626"

      but that fails as systeminfo is not returning all hotfixes (getting to around) 272 of 477


      i don't really want to create (another) extended object as this is only a one off check, will only be on win2003 servers and will contain a considerable number of lines(data)