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    Building new AFT Connection Profile with AD

    Anthony Lucian
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      we are building new environments, and the new "Linux" servers are using Isilon as an appliance and we are accessing Isilon via shares where the user permissions are managed by Active Directory.


      When I set up the connection profile, using the new host, the correct Port and the AD credentials for our account using SFTP I get this error. Can't connect to host: BLAH BLAH , Error:Host rejected due to mismatched RSA fingerprint. You can re-enable access to this host by using the "Authorize SSH host" option in the CCM.


      makes sense if its looking for an SSH key but we are not using one.


      The issue is Linux is telling us we don't need to use SFTP with Key authentication and create a SSH key for logging in through AFT because they believe AD should be handling all of this.


      My guess is Control-m and AD don't play to nice together? Do we need to create a SSH key and someone connect it to the AD account being used?