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    tommy chevrier
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      Hi !

      Is it possible to change the incident template when creating a ticket from the smart recorder ?

      Example : I select the template A, then I click on Create. But, after doing this, I am not able to change the ticket template. If I wanna do so, I need to start again a new ticket.


      Can you help me please ?

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          Anne Brock

          no; that was the same thing in the mid tier screens (although decision trees could replace the tempate, but that was a weird workaround)


          If there's not an idea open already, you can open one. But I'm thinking applying a new template is a big deal so maybe not a good thing to do.

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            Shwetha BK

            Hi Tommy,


            In Smart IT, Once you select the template From Smart Recorder and click on create Ticket, you cant change it again.

            but you can click cancel and then it will go to smart recorder page, you need to reselect again the user and template.


            1- Smart Recorder

            2- Click on Create Incident  the click on cancel

            3 - Smart Recorder page




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