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    19.02 Vendor form ARSYS.ARDBC.LDAP - getting only 1990 entries out of 6000 over escalation

    Miroslav Horvath
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      Hi. I need some advice. We have migrated our TEST system from 8.1.02 to the 19.02.001. Everything works ok, except one thing.

      We have a VENDOR form connected to ARSYS.ARDBC.LDAP and within it, we took some fields to the form. When I make a search on the form, it displays me all entries (5500+).

      There is an escalation running on this form, that copy each entry to a custom Regular form. Within our version 8.1.02 it works fine, all entries are processed.


      But within 19.02, the escalation processes only 1990 entries all the time. There is no error in any workflow or within any server side log.  See the attached pictures.

      vendor1, vendor2 - details about the vendor form. Has not been changed/updated after upgrade from 8.1.02 to 19.02

      escalation - the escalation which runs on the vendor form on all data

      server configuration


      Do you have some kind of hint/tip, what could affect the escalation, that runs only on the specific amount of entries ? Is there some restriction/settings that the escalation runs only on 2000 entries or so ?