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    Script KM File Based Monitoring

    Shweta Jhall
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      We are trying to configure Script KM File Based Monitoring. The intent is to be able to write the configuration needed to run a script in a file and then get value on TrueSight. Have below queries with regards to the same:


      1. Can File Based Monitoring be used for local monitoring.

      2. Will local account support local file based monitoring.

      3. In case file based monitoring is based for remote monitoring, then do we need a separate account.



      Shweta Jhall

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          Yossi Zadok



          Please find my answers for your queries:

          1- File based monitoring can used only for remote script execution, on Linux using SSH or on Windows using PowerShell, local execution using native PSL agent base code is not supported from a file based, that can be dome only from the policy. File based configuration made to support bulk and huge scale of scripts configuration on many devices, while using the local script execution that approach is not that important.


          2- As for the accounts, then file based do support it, you can configured a shared account in the policy that will be used by the file based configuration when the accounts are not defined inside the file.

          3- You need to provide the SSH/PowerShell login to the remote devices. That can be made using those options:

               - Provide this info in the file based

               - Provide this info in the policy as a shared configuration, with such the file based will take the account from there

               - Use the PA account to access those remote devices.





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            Shweta Jhall

            Hi Yossi,


            Thanks for the information.


            We are running the agents using local system account, hence to leverage remote monitoring we would need to have accounts created so that agent can execute the scripts on remote host. Is the understanding correct.




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              Nir Yavin

              Hi Shweta,


              did you find a solution to this use case?