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    Scanner Files

    Neil Rathbone
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      When loading scanner files I am getting a No Response from these endpoints on one file and NoAccess on the other.  Strikes me as that is the whole point of using scanner files is to negate these results as we cannot access them.


      When loading I get a success for one host, but NO Access in our Prod?


      The other is just dropped.


      Any thoughts?

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          Andrew Waters

          I assume that this is a cluster? Because scanner files are not distributed across a cluster the behaviour in a cluster will depend upon which machine happens to to the discovery (actually playback of the scanner data).


          Currently the way to get this to work would be for a single appliance to process the scanner files and consolidate to the cluster (per the docs).

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            Neil Rathbone

            That puts us in a bind as we only use clusters in Production.  We cannot connect Lower Levels to prod.  So currently you are saying there is a gap?

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              Andrew Waters

              There is a gap.


              If you put a copy of the scanner file on every member but the coordinator and wait a while (60 seconds is standard check interval) to ensure it has been processed by the members then put it on the coordinator it should work. Obviously a work around rather than a supported way of doing it.

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