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    Importing CSVs to to Discovery for Locations, update or create

    Don Swora
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      Hello there, can anybody tell me if importing a csv to the Discovery Device (Custom Categories: Locations) will do an update operation based on a key, or does it just push a new location in regardless if it exists or not?  Ideally, I would like the abbreviation to be the key for the update which would never change but would be created if a new is added to the csv,  but if the Name field changes I would like the record to be updated with the new value, using the same abbreviation, not a new value created.


      Ideally, I have a site location ID, and the name may change from time to time and I want to keep this current with the name in the Sites form on the AR System/ITSM end.  This of course leads to the automation of this update/push.


      Maybe a better way to do this?