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    Change Management Integration

    Anita Hatagale
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      Hi All,


      I have one doubt in change management integration, suppose I have schedule change request in ITSM with start and end date.


      I got change event in TSOM as change request is raised and change is scheduled in next 2 days. If in case change is delayed or postponed for next week then Change user will change status of request from scheduled state to initial or draft  state and he will change end & start date accordingly.


      In this scenario, whether TSOM will get new change event for this updated change request or whether it will update existing change event.


      Thanks in advance !




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          Betty Neumann

          Hi Anita, this is a good question, I am working with the team to develop a response. I should have an update next week.

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            Anita Hatagale

            Hi Betty,


            Thank you for your response.. !!


            I tried this scenario in our test environment by integrating it with change management and got the answer..


            In case of delay in scheduled change, Automated blackout policy will be updated in TrueSight with current/updated start and end date in CR.

            We will get new change information event in TrueSight every time when change is updated or scheduled in Remedy.




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              Betty Neumann

              Anita,thank you for sharing. I am so glad you were able to find the answer!

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                Rukmini Narayanan

                Hi Anita,

                Please can you explain this a bit more in detail? I understand that the change is shared from Remedy ITSM to TSPS when the Remedy change goes to Scheduled status and a Change Info Event is created in TSPS. The Change details are shared with TSIM which creates an automatic blackout policy and a timeframe of blackout.

                Do further updates of Implementation in Progress, Complete and Closed from the Remedy Change go to TSPS? If so, what happens there - are new Change Info Events created in TSPS OR the same Change Info event updated?

                Also, when the change is rescheduled by moving it back to Draft/Planning in Progress, what happens to the Change Info event created on Scheduled?


                Thanks a lot for your help.