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    I'm getting 206 code Partial Content in rest for true sigth

    Diana Fraire
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      I'm getting a 206 code in a response for performance Data in True Sight. My Request it's next:







      Method: Post



      URL: https://wvmbppmclstr01.cb.bbvabancomer.com.mx:443/tsws/10.0/api/omprovider/perfdata






      {"tenantId": "*",



           "monUniqName": "_PATROL__DB2_DATABASE",



           "instKeyList": [






              "serverId": X,



              "monTypeId": XXXXXX,



              "monInstId": "all"






           "startTime": 1563134400,



           "endTime": 1563220800,



           "type": "rate",



           "computation": "avg",



           "attribUniqNameList": [













      In a response I have Next:







      "requestTimeStamp":"2019-07-15T15:20:34","responseTimeStamp":"2019-07-15T15:20:35","statusCode":"206","statusMsg":"Partial Content","responseMsg":" Could not obtain data for:







      I would like to know why am I getting this return code?