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    BCM Multiple Assigned Scans - subnet update problem?

    Mike Andrews
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      BMC Client Management Version 12.8.0 Build 181122n


      I've disabled Network Discovery in Track-It! Web 2019, and disabled the schedule for the Track-It! scan in BCM.


      I've created three scan configurations, each with their own target list.  The first scan I ran was again a 10.1.3.x subnet, under Asset Discovery->Scanners->Module Configuration, it updated the IP Address Range to match my target list ( and the scan ran perfectly.  Found some new assets, updated existing ones.  After the scan was complete, I ran the next scan, which should have been against another subnet, but the IP Address Range wasn't updating in the Module Configuration, and the scan ran against the 10.1.3.x subnet.


      In this case I ran the "PD Data Scan", and the attached screenshot shows that it should have scanned 172.18.1.x