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    AFT 8.2 unable to transfer

    Nikshep Shetty
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      We just upgrade to AFT 8.2 FP3 from AFT 7. We are having issues transferring files to one of the account. All other accounts are working fine. Connect is established but we get a transfer error. Any help here is appreciated,


      Connection to Local server on host Local was established

      Connection to SFTP server on host xxx was established

      Transfer type: BINARY

      Open data connection to retrieve file /ftp/prod/outgoing/xx

      Execute PGP command: su - cappsgpg -c /usr/bin/gpg -e --batch -r "  xxx" -o /apps/ctlm/ctmaprod/ctm/cm/AFT/pg\

      p_tmp/PGP_145221999_459888_58397449.pgp_aft /ftp/prod/outgoing/xxx

      Open data connection to store file /upload/xxx


      File '/upload/Txxx' not found on host 'xxx,no such file or directory

      Unable to open write channel to host[OLD AFT ERROR MESSAGE OUTPUT]

      Failed to copy file '/ftp/prod/outgoing/xxx'. Failed to get output stream for destination file '/upload/xxx'. Failure