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    New CMDB Console - how to disable pop-up permanently?

    Thomas Hammer
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      I couldn't find anything about this on BMC docs or in the community.


      How can we permanently disable the "Welcome to BMC CMDB" pop-up in the new CMDB Console?



      At least one customer of us is using IE11 as the default browser for company internal access to intranet or BMC applications.

      Due to security reasons internal and external access is strictly segregated.

      The internal browser (IE) must not access external sites.

      The external browser ("Secure Browsing") is Mozilla Firefox and must not access internal URLs.

      If you try to open an external URL in the internal browser, then some sort of redirect is executed and the external browser will be started. You will have to type in your credentials (proxy etc.) to make sure you are authorized to gain external access.


      In this environment everytime the new CMDB console is launched the pop up window with the embedded video link will try to open an external URL from an internal browser. So the external window is opened in the external browser. As a result the internal browser will stay on the greyed out screen without any further response. The external browser window will just show an empty window for address https://whatfix.com/start.html


      And as a result the new console cannot be used.


      How can we permanently disable this specific pop up?