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    How can I use Get Query by Entry

    Christoph Klapetke
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      I have a workflow in DWPC where I want to capture a field value from the workorder and write it back in the activty log of the DWPC service request.

      Unfortunately my workflow fails anytime in the Get Query by Entry step.

      I think the query is a problem. So I want to get the value of only one field back.

      1. My Query is "'Work Order ID' = ${activityResults.rx-41b3072e-6d14-4444-9e43-ae976c2f8ab0.output.workOrderId}"

      The field which I want to receive has been predefined in a step before in a build input set which I use in my get entry by query step.


      Any Idea what´s wrong here?

      I found a lot of similar questions and discussions in the community but no of them was helpful for me.