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    Switch CICS CMRDETL offline

    Irwin Poche
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      I would like to switch all CICS CMRDETL recording at midnight when most regions are down.  Then most regions get a switch when they start early morning.


      The only way I know to do this is with FST2 SWITCH which of course can't be issued when a region is down.  I want to avoid using the PLT.



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          Feli Brachthaeuser

          Hello Irwin,


          Did I understand you correctly that you want the CICS regions to start with an empty CMRDETL each time they are restarted?

          Check your UBBPARM CMRDETL00.

          If you set CONTINUE=NO, it will take the CMRDETL which had been inactive when it has been stopped.

          This one is normally empty.

          best regards,


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