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    Failed to publish the service

    Dhiraj Tavare
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      Hello All,


      In DWP Catalog I have import one SRD and after that I am trying to publish the service. While publish I am facing error as attached IMG.

      Can anyone please suggest on this.





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          Emmanuel Galia

          Hi Dhiraj Tavare - from your screenshot it looks like it was already published back in April 5, 2019? To help you  more, please provide more information, e.g. what versions of DWC and SRM?; is it a complicated SRD e.g. does it has a lot of query/lookup questions, actions, etc.?; does it have an extensive PDT e.g. multiple fulfillments (WOs, INCs, CRQs); did you encounter any errors during import?


          Hope that helps!!

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            Dhiraj Tavare

            Thank you for the reply.


            we are on 19.02 version. yes the service was already published but I have modified many of questions in that SRD and re-imported in SB. After import need to publish again to see the changes. but while publishing it gives me an error.
            Lucky, that the issue was resolved after restarting the SB server. But I didn't find any root cause for that.:(


            Now, I am able to publish the services but modified questions are not visible. Can you help to troubleshoot this issue.

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              Emmanuel Galia

              Hi Dhiraj Tavare - you're on a higher version than we are, still using 18.02 over here. But nevertheless, we're still extensively using SRM and importing into Digital Workplace Catalog, so maybe we can be of some help.


              You're not getting any errors during import, but you encounter an error when publishing the newly imported service, correct? Try checking the log files. I think there's a "bundle.log" that tracks errors related to requests. Here's more information from the docs:
              Troubleshooting common BMC Digital Workplace Catalog issues by using log files - Documentation for BMC Digital Workplace…


              Try to find out more information about the error as "Failed to publish..." doesn't really say much.


              Also, what changed? The questions that are not showing, what were they before? Can you revert them back and re-import? Does it work fine/show the questions when you revert them back and re-import? If so, what specifically did you change about those questions?


              Lastly check the Versions of the Service that you've re-imported. You might be publishing the wrong version. We try to clean-up the old stuff as much as possible because every time you re-import, approve and publish an updated service, the older versions are still there unless you delete them. If you're using SRM exclusively at the moment, then there is no reason to keep the older versions as you are managing all the changes/updates in SRM/ITSM. You can find the older version in the Revision History tab under Services.


              Hope that helps!!


              Be safe,