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    How to list multiple nodes in single report?

    Nirmal Sharma
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      Hi Experts,


      Just curious to know if it is possible to list the multiple nodes in single report. Example can be StorageSystem and SNMPManagedDevice.


      I tried something like but it gives multi kind results report and requires additional clicks to look at the actual content.


      search StorageSystem, SNMPManagedDevice show name, serial as 'ADDM - Serial Number', type, vendor, model, #ManagedElement:Management:Manager:SoftwareInstance.#RunningSoftware:HostedSoftware:Host:Host.name as 'Managed By', #ManagedElement:Management:Manager:SoftwareInstance.#RunningSoftware:HostedSoftware:Host:Host.Environment as 'Environment', #ManagedElement:Management:Manager:SoftwareInstance.#RunningSoftware:HostedSoftware:Host:Host.#ElementInLocation:Location:Location.name as 'Location'


      Results are:



      What I need is a single report of them all which I can export to csv.


      - Nirmal