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    BMC Discovery: Consolidator and Scanners : Consolidation not progressing

    Gurusankar Rengaramanujam
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      Dear Andrew,


      We have a new built consolidator running on BMC Discovery version and the existing scanners on

      • We started syncing the scanners last morning and the consolidation seems to be good for ~ 5 hours. After that there is no progress on consolidation in the GUI but the scans are fine at the scanner side.
      • We checked the consolidation queue every 30 minutes and noticed that the only the dropped IPs are processed and no success IPs are consolidated.
      • As adviced by Suuport team we ran the below queries to check any stuck in queue, but all the below queries ends with "No Result".


      1) Click "STOP ALL SCANS", and allow the scans to stop

      2) Run these queries and send results (if there are results). 

      A) SEARCH DiscoveryAccess WHERE NODECOUNT(TRAVERSE Next:Sequential:Previous:DiscoveryAccess) = 0 AND _first_marker NOT DEFINED AND NOT _doomed show endpoint, _first_marker, id(#)

      B) SEARCH DiscoveryAccess WHERE NOT _doomed AND NODECOUNT(TRAVERSE Member:List:List:DiscoveryRun) = 0 show endpoint, state, result, end_state, reason, device_summary, starttime, endtime, _first_marker, _last_marker, id(#)

      C) SEARCH DiscoveryAccess WHERE NODECOUNT(TRAVERSE Next:Sequential:Previous:DiscoveryAccess) > 1 SHOW endpoint, starttime, #Next:Sequential:Previous:DiscoveryAccess.starttime, id(#)

      D) SEARCH DiscoveryAccess WHERE NODECOUNT(TRAVERSE Previous:Sequential:Next:DiscoveryAccess) > 1 SHOW endpoint, starttime, #Previous:Sequential:Next:DiscoveryAccess.starttime, id(#)

      3) START ALL SCANS again

      • After this we are adviced to restart the cluster services, after long time the services are up and we noticed the changes in the % happening on the consolidation queue, but it again stopped and stuck. When we checked  the scans status, there is not even single IP got success and the Success count remains unchanged.
      • Because of this there is no CMDB sync happening from the consolidator and the CMDB sync is Idle.


      Please could you advice us, if you have any suggestions here to proceed further. 



      Thanks and Regards,